Connect with Jesus

Our greatest desire is that everyone will connect to Jesus Christ. Everything we do, from our website to cleaning the building in which we meet, and everything in between is done in order that people may have the opportunity to connect with Jesus. We believe that He is that important.

 Why do we want you to connect to Jesus Christ?
– Because everyone one of us have sinned. That means that we have all disobeyed God.
– Sin (disobedience) separates us from God because God is perfect.
– Sin causes death.
– The death of Jesus on the cross is God’s way of offering forgiveness to those who would believe.
– Jesus paid the penalty for our sin and we need to trust in Him as our only means of forgiveness.
– Jesus offers forgiveness, new life, and an eternity with God in Heaven.

How do I connect with Jesus?
– Recognize that you have sinned and that you cannot provide for your own forgiveness.
– Believe that Jesus lived a sinless life, died on the cross in your place, and rose again to offer forgiveness.
– Trust in Jesus only for your forgiveness.
– Tell God you’re a sinner and you need the grace that He offers in Jesus.
– Ask for forgiveness.

What happens when I connect with Jesus?
– You’re forgiven.
– You’re restored to a right relationship with God.
– You’re headed to an eternity in God’s presence.
– You’re free from guilt.
– You’re free from fear of death.
– You are given a new life in Christ.

What is my next step?
– Pray to God and ask for forgiveness because of Jesus.
– Ask God to make you whole.
– Watch how God changes your heart!


If you’ve connected with Jesus, consider talking with someone you know and trust about your decision. You should consider being baptized in order to show the world what God has done in your life through Jesus Christ. Baptism is on outward sign of God’s inward act in your life. We are dipped under the water to show that our old life has been buried with Christ and we are brought back out of the water to show that we have been raised to a new life in Christ.
If you’d like to talk with someone about Jesus or about baptism, please contact us as soon as possible. We’d love to talk with you about the most important thing you’ll ever do!

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